Training and Planning

Preparation is the Key to Success


In today’s challenging world, designing and implementing a robust security plan is complex and requires constant oversight.  As risk levels and threats change, your security plan must evolve to meet potential emerging dangers and hazards that can impede operations.

Whether you need assistance in formulating standard operating procedures, briefings and training for personnel or guard force, designing the security and access control infrastructure and technical landscape, or logistics and travel management, our security team has the capability to meet your needs.

Gain Comprehensive Protection & Peace of Mind, With Our International Security and Supply Chain Services

Our co-founder, Lew Merletti, achieved extensive experience in executive protection and training during his distinguished United States Secret Service career.  Prior to becoming the Director, Lew served as Assistant Director of Training and Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) of the Secret Service Training Center in Beltsville, Maryland. Our team of expert instructors have given training to numerous law enforcement and military agencies and are hand-picked due to their extensive background and skill set. Our instruction is catered to be relevant to any type of client.

Merletti Gonzales can deliver comprehensive training packages tailored to the requirements of the individual client.. MG has a diverse team of instructors whose specialties cover active shooter, executive protection, crisis management, corporate security training, and more.