Our Services

Oil & Gas

Merletti Gonzales has extensive oil and gas experience overseas establishing security for foreign offices, operations in the field and remote areas. We are well versed in designing and executing security plans for facilities, pipelines and maritime operations. To include customized crisis management and security planning. Our wide-reaching network spans the globe, supporting our mission.

Government Contracting

From domestic to international, we partner with local and foreign governments to support their needs to deliver an exceptional level of service and continued support for the success of the mission. We offer comprehensive security planning for large scale country-wide operations.

Corporate & Entertainment

Offering a wide range of services, Merletti Gonzales can augment your security department or provide a turn key solution. From security planning and training for corporations to protecting large entertainment venues, we are well versed to handle the task at hand and overcome any challenges.

Supply Chain & Logistics

We acknowledge how imperative it is for corporations to have efficiency and flexibility when it comes to your supply chain, logistical and security needs. From import/export, CTPAT, supply chain security to logistics and more, we are well qualified to meet the needs of our clients.

Risk Management

Merletti Gonzales is well-versed in conducting risk and vulnerability assessments for facilities in both foreign and domestic environments. We perform country security assessments for businesses operating internationally. We take into consideration a wide range of topics from past and potential criminal and terrorist activity to international relations.

Training & Planning

Whether you need help creating standard operating procedures or developing physical and technical security strategies and plans, our security team has the capability to meet your needs. We deliver comprehensive training packages customized to each client. Our diverse team of instructors specialize in a variety of security disciplines.

Crisis Management

We can assist in preparing for worst-case scenarios and respond swiftly and appropriately to all types of incidents and challenges.

Executive Protection

Our highly skilled professionals are experts in the field of personal protection security, advance logistics and preparations.

Supply Chain Security

We incorporate the latest software and technology to continuously track and monitor your product from beginning to end. Our objective is to develop a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy for your supply chain operation.